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XML Tutorials - Advanced Tree
Version 1.6
Simple Tree Advanced Tree

Simple Tree on the left and Advanced tree on the right are displayed in the applet above. Scrollbars will appear as needed in the both trees as the user start expanding the tree. Refer to the View and Scrollbars Controls in the Containers section on how to add scrollbars to the Tree. The Advanced tree will allow you to add any Bambookit controls to the tree nodes.

The Advanced Tree was created using View, Scrollbar, Listbox and Item controls. We have added to the Tree the folloing Controls: Button, Checkboxes, Comboboxes, Radio buttons, and Calendar. In the XML source below the Simple and the Advanced Trees are embeded in separate View Control tags. Then Scrollbars are embeded in the View Control and then Listbox is created to hold the items as a tree nodes. Inside the Items we can embed Items Control again placed in the hierarchical order. We can also embed inside the Items Controls another Bambookit controls such as Button, Checkbox, Radio, Combo, and Calendar.

setImageCollapse/setImageExpand properties allow expand and to collapse the items in the Tree. setImageContainer and addImage properties allow to add icon to the tree along with 'plus' and 'minus' icons.

See complete XML source (suite_tree.xml file in HTML source below for the Simple and Advanced Trees in the applet above).

Refer to Reference for complete list of Properties.

HTML Source:
<applet archive="bamboo_1_5.jar" code="Loader.class" width=155 height=300>
<param name="loadgui" value="suite_tree.xml">

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Simple Tree Advanced Tree