XML Tutorial Text Controls
Version 1.6

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There are various kinds of controls that incorporate text:

  • A text input field, also called an editable text field, is a rectangular area in which the user enters text or modifies existing text. The text input field can be active or disabled. It supports keyboard focus and password entry.

    Your application's text input fields should perform appropriate edit checks. For example, if the only legitimate value for a field is a string of digits, the application issues an alert if the user types nondigits. In most cases, the appropriate time to check the data in the field is when the user clicks outside the field or presses the Enter, or Tab key. Bamboo suite text input fields have validation rules attached to the Edit control itself, so user unable to type let's say alphanumeric values if this field supports only digits.

  • Use a static text field for informational text in an application(text not intended to be modified by users). For static text field Bamoo Suite provides Widget control, that allows to create Label and Multiline.
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