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Tabs in the applet above can be customized using special colors and highlights for the headers and with any controls placed in the panel for each tab.

Tabs are created using specific to tabs only controls: Tab, TabControl, and TabPanel. TabControl andTabPanel belongs to the Tab control in the XML structure. Inside TabControl Button controls are placed to represent actual tabs. Button properties described in Button section will be applicable here. The first tab is always raised by default, although it is possible to chane this setting by applying mousePressed="null" and mouseReleased="null" attributes.

TabPanel control consists of Widget controls to represent the tab panels. Widget properties described in Containers and Text sections will apply to the panels. Inside the panels other XMl files can be called to represent different screens of the application.

Refer to Reference for complete list of Properties.

HTML Source:
<applet archive="bamboo_1_5.jar" code="Loader.class" width=275 height=360>
<param name="loadgui" value="suite_tabs.xml">

See Complete suite_tabs.XML Source

suite_tabs.XML Source:
<Widget setSize="275,360">
<Tab setShape="10,30,255,300" setBackground="ffffff" setBorder="flat">
        <Widget setBackground="white"/>
        <Widget setBackground="white"/>
        <Widget setBackground="white"/>
<TabControl setBackground="ece9d6" setBackgroundHighlight="d8d0bb" setForegroundHighlight="000000">
        <Button setLabel="Accounts" setSize="85,32" setFontStyle="bold" setFontSize="13" setBackground="white" setBorder="roundraised" mousePressed="null" mouseReleased="null"/>
        <Button setLabel="Contacts" setSize="85,32" setFontStyle="bold" setFontSize="13" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="white"/>
        <Button setLabel="Products" setSize="85,32" setFontStyle="bold" setFontSize="13" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="white"/>

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