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Before performing an operation on a control, the user must select it to distinguish it from other controls. There is always immediate visual feedback to show that something is selected. A selection is always undoable by clicking outside the selection. Upon selecting a control, a blue focus rect appears around it. In the case of a button, selecting by a mouse click will also activate an 'action' event, like linking to another web page. How something is selected depends on what it is. It's useful to distinguish among three types of objects that are each dealt with in a different way when selected:

  • Text. An application considers all text appearing together in a particular context as a block of text—a one-dimensional string of characters. A block of text can range from a single field, as in a dialog, to an entire document, as in a word processor. Regardless of where it appears, text is edited in the same way.

  • Arrays are tabular arrangements of fields. A one-dimensional array is a list and a two-dimensional array is a table. Each field contains information such as text or graphics.

  • Graphics. A graphic, or picture, is a discrete object that can be selected individually.

    On the left, the navigation tree is provided to easily search though Bamboo Suite controls (if the tree is not displayed click on the Tutorial link below). The tree represents the contents of the Tutorial for Bamboo Suite. The main topics appear under collapsed folder icon. Collapsed folder icon is also an indication that there are more files available under collapsed folder. The expanded folder implies that there are no more files under this item. Clicking on the collapsed/expanded folder icon will open/close items in the tree node. Clicking on the tree item will open the requested topic in the main window.

    Most of the topics contain live applet examples along with the property description, HTML source and XML source.
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