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Version 1.6

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Edit's Property: setAlign, setOpaque, setVisible, setEnabled.

There are many other properties available for the Edit. Some of them are setAlign, setOpaque, setVisible, setEnabled.

You can align text as you see fit. It can be align not only right, left, center as displayed on the left, but also top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left for a larger Edit controls.

Opaque is used to set the Edit's transparency, if opaque is set to 'false', then the elements behind the Edit are visible, as it is demonstrated on the left. You can use this feature set the transparency of your Edits if you want the images on your background to be seen through this Edit.

Visible is used to show or hide a Edit. It can be set to False or True. Default is True. In Demo the Edit below a True Edit is invisible.

Numeric property allows to set Edit to accept only numeric values, as it is displayed in the last edit on the left. Try to type in this field not numeric values, and you will find that edit field refuses to accept them.

Enabled attribute set to False is used to disabled a Edit.

The user can type an unlimited number of charachters into the field, but you can set the maximum number of charachters using setLabelLength property. In the applet on the left, the length is set to 5. It won't allow to type more then 4 charachters in this field.

Refer to Reference for complete list of Edit Properties.

HTML Source:
<applet archive="bamboo_1_5.jar" code="Loader.class" width=110 height=300>
<param name="loadgui" value="Edit_other.xml">

Edit_other.XML Source:

<Widget setShape="10,30,90,15" setLabel="Align" setBorder="none">
<Edit setShape="10,50,90,25" setLabel="left" setAlign="left" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>
<Edit setShape="10,80,90,25" setLabel="center" setAlign="center" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>
<Edit setShape="10,110,90,25" setLabel="right" setAlign="right" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>
<Widget setShape="10,140,90,15" setLabel="Opaque" setBorder="none"/>
<Edit setShape="10,160,90,25" setLabel="true" setOpaque="true" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>
<Edit setShape="10,190,90,25" setLabel="false" setOpaque="false" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>
<Widget setShape="10,220,90,15" setLabel="Numeric" setBorder="none"/>
<Edit setShape="10,240,90,25" setLabel="4765" setNumeric="true" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>
<Widget setShape="10,220,90,15" setLabel="Length limit" setBorder="none"/>
<Edit setShape="10,240,90,25" setLabel="limit" setLabelLength="5" setBorder="roundraised" setBackground="ffffff"/>

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