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Windows provide a way for people to view and interact with their data. Internet applications reside in the windows.

Whenever your application displays a Window, you must decide where to put it and how big to make it. The preference is to create new windows horizontally centered. Before creating a window, make sure that the size is reasonable for the user's monitor setup.

Windows contain panels in Bambookit environment. Window can have one, two or more panels. Please refere to Layout under the Windows section to learn more how to add panels to the window.

The content of some panels changes depending on the user's selection. For example, when the user clicks one of the icons/buttons in the left panel, display at the right panel changes. Some windows switch panels using a tab panels (see Tabs)

Windows with changeable panels should reopen in their previous state as long as the application is open, and return to their default views when the user quits.
A tabbed panel, for example, should open in its previous state until the user quits the application; the next time the user opens the application, the leftmost tab in the container should be active.

On the left, the navigation tree is provided to easily search though Bamboo Suite controls (if the tree is not displayed click on the
Tutorial link below). The tree represents the contents of the Tutorial for Bamboo Suite. The main topics appear under collapsed folder icon. Collapsed folder icon is also an indication that there are more files available under collapsed folder. The expanded folder implies that there are no more files under this item. Clicking on the collapsed/expanded folder icon will open/close items in the tree node. Clicking on the tree item will open the requested topic in the main window.

Most of the topics contain live applet examples along with the property description, HTML source and XML source.

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