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Version 1.6

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Bamboo Suite Combo control/component can be used in web applications or as part of an applet add-onn to enhance a web page. Another name for combo box is pop-up menu. Use combo box to present a list of mutually exclusive choices in a dialog or window. Combos are used as a means of selecting one choice from a list of many. If you have a dialog with five or more radio buttons in one section, consider using a pop-up menu instead.

A combo:
  • has a label to the left (in left-to-right scripts)
  • has a double-triangle indicator
  • contains nouns (things) or adjectives (states or attributes), but not verbs (commands)

    A pop-up menu behaves like other menus: Users drag to choose an item—which then flashes briefly and appears as the current choice—or move outside the menu to leave the current value active. An exploratory press in the menu to see what's available doesn't select a new value.

    Use combo box to present up to 12 mutually exclusive choices that the user doesn't need to see all the time.

    Don't use pop-up menus:
  • for more than 12 items; use a scrolling list(refer to the View section on the scrollbars)
  • for 4 or fewer items; use radio buttons
  • when more than one selection is appropriate, such as text styles (in which you can select bold and italic, for example); use checkboxes

    Bamboo Suite allows also to set font size and font style in the Combobox. The Fontname can be configured as Serif, Sanssserif, or monospaced. Fontstyle can be configured as Bold, Italic, Plain, Bolditalic, Underline. The point size can be set from 6 tp 120.

    Background and Foreground colors and highlights can be configured to be set to any 6 digit hexadecimal (RGB) value. Combo border choices are: none, flat, squareraised, squarelowered, roundraised, roundlowered, roundraisedthin, roundloweredthin, squareraisedthin, squareloweredthin, text groove, ridge.

    Opaque is used to set the Combo's transparency, if opaque is set to 'false', then the elements behind the Combobox are visible and Foreground highlight is set automatically to white. You can use this feature set the transparency of your Comboboxes if you want the images on your background to be seen through the Combobox. setVisible is used to show or hide a Combo. It can be set to False or True. Default is True. You may align your text as you may see fit in the Combo's labels: left aligned, centered and right aligned.

    On the left, the navigation tree is provided to easily search though Bamboo Suite controls (if the tree is not displayed click on the Tutorial link below). The tree represents the contents of the Tutorial for Bamboo Suite. The main topics appear under collapsed folder icon. Collapsed folder icon is also an indication that there are more files available under collapsed folder. The expanded folder implies that there are no more files under this item. Clicking on the collapsed/expanded folder icon will open/close items in the tree node. Clicking on the tree item will open the requested topic in the main window.

    Most of the topics contain live applet examples along with the property description, HTML source and XML source.
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