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Checkbox's Property: setShape

setShape property is always specified for a Checkbox. setShape takes four parameters: x, y, width, height. In this case Checkbox resides in the Widget, which is a panel. x and y refers to the widget coordinates. setLabel property is used to name the Checkbox. Refer to Reference for complete list of Properties.

See XML source for complete list of Properties.

HTML Source:
<applet archive="bamboo_1_5.jar" codebase="tutorial_1_6/" code="Loader.class" width=110 height=300>
<param name="loadgui" value="tutorials_checkbox_shape.xml">

tutorials_checkbox_shape.XML Source:

<Widget setSize="110,300" setBackground="cdc9ee">
<Checkbox setShape="10,10,90,25" setLabel="small"/>
<Checkbox setShape="10,40,90,50" setLabel="medium"/>
<Checkbox setShape="10,95,90,100" setLabel="large"/>

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