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Bamboo Suite Calendar control/component can be used in web applications or as part of an applet add-onn to enhance a web page. Bamboo Suite Calendar represents a monthly calendar with as many calendars viewable as required. The user may click to select a date, in any particular Year, Month, or Day. Where size is a premium the calendars small footprint makes it ideal for todays thin web clients. Useful feature: popup calendars. Hook directly to your cgi-bin programs via settable attributes.

To select a different month you would click on the buttons on either side of the "month, year" display. The dates get highlighted as you roll your mouse over them. As you click on the date, it gets highlighted and selected. The Edit control can be enabled/disabled and set visible/invisible.

Popup calendar is represented by combo box with selected in Calendar date displayed. Opening a combo box will open a calendar. Once date has been selected in calendar, the loadgui attribute can be used to hook up to php file to submit this data. The php file is an example of a middleware component that handles the processing of data. This file can be written as a cgi script, jsp, asp, javabean, exe etc...

Enabled property set to False is used to disabled a Calendar.

Background and Foreground colors and highlights can be configured to be set to any 6 digit hexadecimal (RGB) value. Calendar border choices are: none, flat, squareraised, squarelowered, roundraised, roundlowered, roundraisedthin, roundloweredthin, squareraisedthin, squareloweredthin, text groove, ridge.

Bamboo Suite allows also to set font size and font style in the Calendar. The Fontname can be configured as Serif, Sanssserif, or monospaced. Fontstyle can be configured as Bold, Italic, Plain, Bolditalic, Underline. The point size can be set from 6 tp 120.

On the left, the navigation tree is provided to easily search though Bamboo Suite controls (if the tree is not displayed click on the Tutorial link below). The tree represents the contents of the Tutorial for Bamboo Suite. The main topics appear under collapsed folder icon. Collapsed folder icon is also an indication that there are more files available under collapsed folder. The expanded folder implies that there are no more files under this item. Clicking on the collapsed/expanded folder icon will open/close items in the tree node. Clicking on the tree item will open the requested topic in the main window.

Most of the topics contain live applet examples along with the property description, HTML source and XML source.

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