Buttons XML Tutorial
Version 1.6

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Bamboo Suite Button is a rounded rectangle that is named with text. Clicking a button performs the action described by the button's name. When the user clicks a button, the button highlights (inverts) to give visual feedback to the user that indicates which item has been clicked.

Whenever possible, name a button with a verb that describes the action that it performs. Button names should be limited to one word whenever possible. You should never use more than three words for a button name. Use the caps/lowercase style of capitalization for button names.

A user typically reads the text in a dialog box until it becomes familiar and then relies on visual cues, such as button names or positions, to respond. Names such as Save, Quit, and Erase Disk allow users to identify and click the correct button quickly. These words are often more clear and precise than names such as OK, Yes, and No. If the action can't be condensed into a word or two, OK and Cancel or Yes and No may serve the purpose.

Bamboo Suite Buttons include Button, Radio, and Checkbox.

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