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Version 1.6

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Button's Property: setBorder

There are many borders available for buttons. In the applet shown on the some of them are displayed: none, flat, squareraised, squarelowered, roundraised, roundlowered, groove, ridge, text. The buttons are named based on their set border for you to be displayed. setBorder, setLabel and setShape are button's property that are used in the XML files. Refer to Reference for complete list of Buttons Properties.

See complete XML source for this applet.

HTML Source:
<applet archive="bamboo_1_5.jar" code="Loader.class" width=110 height=400>
<param name="loadgui" value="tutorials_button_border.xml">

button_border.XML Source:

<Widget setSize="110,300" setBackground="cdc9ee">
<Button setShape="10,10,90,25" setLabel="none" setBorder="none"/>
<Button setShape="10,40,90,25" setLabel="flat" setBorder="flat"/>
<Button setShape="10,70,90,25" setLabel="squareraised" setBorder="squareraised"/>
<Button setShape="10,100,90,25" setLabel="squarelowred" setBorder="squarelowered"/>
<Button setShape="10,130,90,25" setLabel="roundraised" setBorder="roundraised"/>
<Button setShape="10,160,90,25" setLabel="roundlowered" setBorder="roundlowered"/>
<Button setShape="10,190,90,25" setLabel="groove" setBorder="groove"/>
<Button setShape="10,220,90,25" setLabel="ridge" setBorder="ridge"/>
<Button setShape="10,250,90,25" setLabel="text" setBorder="text"/>

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