Create Web Button - XML Tutorial
Version 1.6

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Bamboo Suite web Button Control is used in web applications or as part of an applet add-on to enhance a web page. It is a customizable 'push' button with rich rendering possibilities. Buttons can contain text and images.

You can add to the button a graphic of your choice by providing the URL of the graphic with a setImage attribute or an addImage attribute for a multiple images. It can be used as a reset button to clear the contents or set them to the default values in the forms. Bamboo Suite button can be used as a submit button to send information in the form to the server for processing.

Bamboo Suite buttons are interactive buttons, it changes when the cursor or pointer is position over it. By making a button light up (or otherwise calling attention to itself), you provide a stronger visual signal that the area is clickable then with a static flat graphic. Bamboo Suite button offers wide range of color of background and foreground highlights, rollovers, or opaque to set a button's transparency.

Buttons can contain a text with customizable font's size and style, colors, alignment.

Button can be set to be sticky to maintain a selected state in the button by clicking on it. It can be set visible/invisible, enabled/disabled, selected/deselected.

URL's functionallity can be added to the button by registering a URL for through the use of action attribute. By associating a URL with a button a web page is opened when the user clicks on the link. The link style and color can be configured. Action attribute will also allow to open xml files with defined user interface in any screen in the application or in a frame specified on the web page.

Bamboo Suite Buttons also include Radio buttons and Pop-up buttons or a combo box.

On the left, the navigation tree is provided to easily search though Bamboo Suite controls (if the tree is not displayed click on the Tutorial link below). The tree represents the contents of the Tutorial for Bamboo Suite. The main topics appear under collapsed folder icon. Collapsed folder icon is also an indication that there are more files available under collapsed folder. The expanded folder implies that there are no more files under this item. Clicking on the collapsed/expanded folder icon will open/close items in the tree node. Clicking on the tree item will open the requested topic in the main window.

Most of the topics contain live applet examples along with the property description, HTML source and XML source.

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