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Version 1.6

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Invoke Actions

The following syntax is used to execute invoke action on the control:
addActionTarget="widget01,invoke,setMethod='value' "
The first parameter takes the name of the widget in which you want XML file to be loaded, the second parameter takes a specific event. Valid events are loadgui, loadurl, invoke. The third parameter(method) is the property that we want to be invoked.

In the applet above two rows of combo boxes are provided. If you select an item (fontstyle, fontsize, or color) in the combo of the first row, the results will be seen in the combo box (fontstyle/fontsize/color will be selected in the combobox). In the second row the items will be selected without the fontstyle/fontsize/color results to be seen. The first row has the addActionTarget property set to invoke a desired event. The second row has no invoke events executed.

For example, the first combobox in the first row named through the use of the following property: setName="combo1". Each item in the combobox has addTargetAction property set for the desired invoke event to be executed. Therefore the 'bold' item will have the following code:
Item setLabel="bold" setFontStyle="bold" addActionTarget="combo1,invoke,setFontStyle='bold'"

See complete XML source for the applet above.

Refer to Reference for complete list of Properties.

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