Bamboo Suite XML Tutorials - Actions
Version 1.6

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In Bambookit development Actions are event handlers. Actions can be performed on the buttons, tabs, edit, checkboxes and radio buttons, and items in the listbox and tree. The most comon action performed on the button is to call a web page through the use of 'loadurl' parameter of addActionTarget property or to call an XML file to load GUI in the specified panel through the use of 'loadgui' parameter of addActionTarget property in the application.

Bambookit supports multiple actions that occurs, for example, when the user clicks on the button and expects two or more XML files to be loaded in two or more panels in the application. The 'invoke' parameter of the addActionTarget can perform any Bambookit property on the specified Control, and allow to be used multiple times. In this case you would keep adding as many addActionTarget properties to the Control as needed.

In the action section of the tutorials 'loadurl', 'loadgui', and 'invoke' is explained with live applet examples and XML sources provided. Refer to Reference for complete list of Properties.

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