Bambookit Version 1.6 Demo
User Accounts Application

This is a live sample of a web page building application demonstrating a small subset of Bamboo Suite's functionality and ease of use as compared to the traditional 'web application'.

Try It!
  • To create a new account select 'Create a new account'
  • Modify an account by either selecting the image's of user accounts or select 'Change an account'
  • To delete an account select 'Delete an existing account'

Multiple views of the 'User Account' application reside in the same browser window similar to the locally installed software on your desktop. The application responds in the interactive way by highlighting all clickable items for the user to get needed clues for the application interaction.

No downloads, plug-ins or client side installations are required to view this application. Bambookit downloads dynamically within standard browsers. Try to open this web page to run the application from different browsers, with java plug-ins or without, with different java versions, with any browser enabled device.

User Accounts application is built using PHP to generate XML-based thin client GUI. Even though in this example we use PHP, any scripting language can be used to generate the XML-based user interface (i.e. Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, etc...).

For more examples see Domains Wizard application.

There is a Tutorial available on how to use PHP script to dynamically set values.
PLEASE NOTE: Bambookit Version 1.6 is NOT fully compatible with Java 1.4 that has been recently released. If you are using java 1.4 you need to be aware that the java's key event handling had changed (in conjunction with the focus events). Thus you would NOT be able to 'type' in the Edit controls. Bambookit Version 2.0, release date April 5, 2003 will be fully compatible with Java 1.4 as well as with Java 1.1, java 1.2, java 1.3.

Bambookit GUI 2.0 is due to be released on April 5, 2003. New features include: drag-and-drop, tables with scrolls, resize, and dynamic sorting. Auto Layout, Real-Time data display with polling mechanism, gradient fill color, menu and more...

A sample of some of these new features can be found at


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